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Liver cancer rates have historically been high in American Indian/Alaska (AI/AN) populations. Dr. Stephanie Melkonian and her colleagues confirmed that rates of liver cancer remain high among AI/AN in the 21st century, and that these rates vary across geographic regions of the United States. Liver cancer rates increased in Native communities from 1999-2009, a trend that has been observed in other racial/ethnic groups, nationwide. These findings emphasize the need to address factors in Native communities that influence the risk of developing liver cancer.

Read the Article: Melkonian SC, Jim MA, Reilley B, Erdrich J, Berkowitz Z, Wiggins CL, Haverkamp D, White MC. Incidence of primary liver cancer in American Indians and Alaska Natives, US, 1999-2009. Cancer Causes Control, 2018; 29(9):833-844. doi: 10.1007/s10552-018-1059-3. PMID: 30030669.

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International Journal of Circumpolar Health book

Breast cancer is the most common type of malignant cancer diagnosed among American Indian and Alaska Native women. Dr. Sarah Nash and her colleagues examined female breast cancer in Alaska Native women during the time period 1969-2014. They found that a majority of these cancers were diagnosed among women over the age of 50 years, at local stage, and with Hormone Receptor-Positive (HR+)/Human Epidermal Growth Factor 2-Negative (HER2−) subtype. Incidence rates increased from 1969-2014, especially in the early years of the study period. This study provides a comprehensive update of our knowledge and understanding of breast cancer descriptive epidemiology among Alaska Native women, using data collected by the Alaska Native Tumor Registry.

Read the Article: Nash SH, Zimpelman G, Stillwater B, Olnes M, Provost E. Invasive breast cancer among Alaska Native women in Alaska. International Journal of Circumpolar Health. 2019; 78(1):1633190. doi: 10.1080/22423982.2019.1633190. PMID: 31234738.

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American Journal of Public Health

In 2014, the American Journal of Public Health devoted an entire issue to examining the leading causes of death among American Indians and Alaska Natives (AI/AN). Dr. Mary White and her colleagues provided an overview of cancer mortality and incidence rates for all types of cancer-combined, and for several individual types of cancer. The report documented differences in cancer rates between AI/AN and non-Hispanic whites, as well as regional variations in cancer incidence and mortality rates among AI/AN populations, nationwide.

Read the Article: White MC, Espey DK, Swan J, Wiggins CL, Eheman C, Kaur JS. Disparities in Cancer Mortality and Incidence Among American Indians and Alaska Natives in the United States. American Journal of Public Health, 2014; 104(Suppl 3): S377–S387. doi: 10.2105/AJPH.2013.301673. PMID: 24754660.

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